Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Cancer Discovery: Make the Body Strong Instead of the Cancer

As science is looking for ways to fight cancer, more is being revealed about the body’s ability to self-regulate. An ideal therapy reinforces the body’s self healing mechanisms rather than depletes it. While many traditional cancer therapies weaken the immune system in order to stop tumor growth, there is a high chance that new tumors will appear. It is similar to the old saying about the dump attracting rats. If you only kill the current rats, there is still something about the dump that attracts more rats!

Over time our bodies have become the dump. We fill ourselves up with chemical and emotional toxins so our immune systems can’t manage anymore. This has lead researchers to look at what makes the body strong or how the body makes cancer strong.

The immune system, under normal conditions, prevents illnesses from developing by neutralizing foreign substances that enter the body. The immune system also regulates the cells of the body by directing a cell to die if it is mutated. Helping the body maintain this high state of vigilance is a natural method to restoring health and preventing illness.

One approach to natural immune system care is through nutrition such as fucoidan which has been heavily researched in the last decade. It is a polysaccharide from brown seaweed which is a dietary staple of Japanese natives. It has been shown to improve cellular communication so mutated cells are destroyed by the body. It is also seen as an anti-aging nutrient that supports cell regeneration by mobilizing stem cells. Other benefits are seen in healthy joints, circulation, dietary cholesterol, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system, kidneys, and anti-oxidant support.

Known for its health preserving properties for centuries or longer, it has been studied since the 1970’s and marketed in supplements in Japan since 1997. For those interested in transforming their bodies from a dump to an oasis, adding fucoidan to their nutritional protocol is great approach.

Another new development is the availability of gelceuticals. They are gel based nutritional supplements from whole foods, such as fucoidan in brown seaweed, that have exceptional bio-availability in the digestive tract. This is a recent advancement for people who want an alternative to pills and liquids. Pills have the least absorption rates and liquids need to be refrigerated and measured. Once harvested and processed into a gelceutical, the nutrients are retained as close to its natural state as possible, especially fucoidan which is already a gel-like substance.

A sensible approach to cancer is to practice prevention or, with a diagnosis, allow the body its best opportunity to maintain a strong and proactive immune system. Harnessing the benefits of fucoidan in gelceutical form is one way to provide nutritional support.

Dr. Lisa Ann Homic is a chiropractor and wellness coach in Auburn, NY. She developed the Numbers Don’t Lie Diet Program. Visit She also dabbles with the website: